Penin​sula Counselling Solutions

THE POWER OF EXPRESSION can not be denied! For those of us that paint, write, or make music know how amazing it feels to express ourselves through art. We all connect with these people in various ways and it taps into our feelings of expression which is why it feels SO AMAZING to find a form of expression that resonates with what we feel or think.

We are all here upon this earth to express who we are and EVERYTHING we do is based on how we feel!  

Various factors throughout our lives affect our ability to express or feel like we can express ourselves. When we feel like we can, we feel relief, happiness, intense joy and freedom!

When we feel anxious or even depressed, it is due to suppression. In fact suppression is one of the major contributing factors that cause depression. Suppression is in fact  "the conscious intentional exclusion from consciousness of a thought or feeling." The key to happiness and joy is to find ways to stop that exclusion as much as we can!

We are passionate about helping you to connect with the real, authentic you that wants to express those thoughts and feelings in a way that can help you.

We all have a "voice" within us that tells us what we think and feel about what we experience in our lives. Perhaps due to past trauma, judgment or childhood experiences those led us to not feel safe to be able to stay connected to it?

We can help provide a safe space, free of judgment, full of empathy and will listen to help connect you with your expression "voice". 

You deserve to be heard! You deserve to be happy! YOU deserve to express your feelings and your feelings matter!