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" Love the life you live,

live the life you love ."


What does it take to be you?

When are you being you?

When are you not being you?

Do you feel happy being the you you are today…really?

What happens to us that makes us feel like we need to be, act or do certain things in order to be liked?

The truth is that we are born in to this. Born into conformity. Conformity to be this way, that way, told how to be in order to be approved of by our relationship with our parents. Then we are told to conform at school, where the same uniform as everyone else there, we then act a certain way there to have friends and conform, we conform to meet the standards of the school academically or on the sports field.

We then conform at university, at work and in society, to what the media tells us, to what governments tell us, or bosses at work tell us and so on.

Before we know it, we are the best version of someone else that the world wants us to be, the best consumer of what we are told to buy that will bring us happiness, the best version of an employee, son, daughter or partner that others want us to be.

We then may be get depression, anxiety, drink a lot of alcohol, consume a lot or what ever else we need to do to numb the pain that really, deep down, we are unhappy with all these things that others have told us to be but don’t know why.

I was at my grandmother’s funeral recently, was I was very close to, and I admired so much. One of the things I admired about her so much was her honesty, her will to be herself, sometimes bluntly and with no apologies. This was mentioned in her eulogy. She lived for 9 decades, through world war 2, emigrated and then lived a life she wanted to here. Everyone that met her said she lived her life her way, in fact "MY WAY" was the song we chose to open the ceremony with. They all said she was honest, you always knew who she was and where you stood with her. She was one of the bravest people I have ever met, and she taught me so much about the importance of being yourself and how people will remember you for who you TRULY were.

Be different, be unique, be you. There will never be another you, ever! Don’t deprive the world or yourself of what you can give to it by not being you, realising your potential to change the lives of others and inspire others to be themselves just by being you, not holding back, no reservations, no suppression. Say to yourself and the world, I am ME,not YOU and I am ok with me being ME. I do what I want to do for me, and I live my life for me. I still care about you but I also care about me.

You never know what the REAL you could be capable of otherwise!

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