Penin​sula Counselling Solutions

About Our Counsellor

Joshua Cohen (B.Couns) is an Australian Counselling Association accredited Counsellor and has vast study and depth of experience in counselling and understanding of life's challenges. Joshua also has had extensive and varied experience in the areas of social welfare, alcohol and drug counselling and Postpartum / Postnatal Depression for men and women. Joshua’s unique journey in life and counselling enables him to truly connect with people and provide the understanding and empathy needed to help empower you to facilitate change.

"My background prior to becoming a counsellor includes working in customer service, disability support and social welfare. I am passionate about working with people. I am also passionate and avid in my education in consistent professional development in psychology, sociology and personal development. My goal is to connect with people to listen, empathise, understand and help to empower them to live the life they love!"